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Londos Family Chiropractic exists because of a powerful (and attainable) dream to create a better world for everyone. How? By ensuring that everyone is functioning at their maximum health capacity.  Whether you are new to chiropractic, or maybe you've been under chiropractic care for many years, everyone is always welcome at our office!

Some of you might remember that first time you became a part of our big family, when we informed you about Dr. Aaron’s Health Awareness Seminar on Tuesday nights to introduce you further on Chiropractic care and how it will help you and those you love.  It might have been a while since then, and we thought “Hey, what’s a better idea than having all of us recharge?”  Now, with a more specific topic for each seminar, we hope that you will have a better idea and expectations on how coming to our seminars will improve your overall happiness and how you will be able to perk up your family relationships.

Although at first glance it might seems that these topics are especially geared for parents with or without children, we want to assure you that we chose these topics to improve the lives of everyone who are struggling with these types of conditions, or to anyone whose conditions are under control only by taking medications.  Wouldn’t we all want to live our lives healthily and freely, without having to rely on any sort of medications?  Imagine how wonderful it feels for us to be able to go to many places and do more activities without having to worry about certain medical conditions!

Come join us, and be a BRIGHT lightbulb!


First (and Fifth, if applicable) Tuesdays: Allergies & Asthma
Allergies and asthma are caused by our bodies’ inability to adapt to the environment.  Today, there are so many over-think of it as a “take it as it is” condition.  While the symptoms for each person vary, we ask you to question yourself, if you are given the choice, wouldn’t you rather be 100% healthy?  What wouldn’t you do to obtain the ability to venture out on that family trip you’ve longed for, without having to worry about taking any medications?  We believe that everyone, children and adults, have the right to enjoy their lives to the fullest. 

Second Tuesdays: Autism & Learning Disabilities
This is a topic that’s been requested by many parents and grandparents who are concerned with their children/grandchildren’s future.  Many times, people are at loss at what to do when their loved ones are struggling with a health issue that seems to be incurable.  This seminar will focus on solutions to many parents’ questions about autism and behavioral problems.  Imagine a child, who is having difficulties putting a sentence together, could communicate more fluently, focus better, and interact with others more comfortable.  How would that child feel, to have achieved such a tremendous accomplishment?

Third Tuesdays: ADD & ADHD Hyper Activity
ADD, ADHD or Hyperactivity is a condition that affects countless children in each of our communities. Everyday, we take for granted the ability to focus on a person’s conversation and the world around us. What if that was no longer the case, what if you could not shift your attention from one thing to another and all the information that is out there, started pouring in, all at once, without a filter?  This is a situation that a child with ADD, ADHD, or Hyperactivity lives with on a daily basis.
Some people deem this issue as “bad parenting”, while some others suggest to rely on medications to suppress this condition.  How about the child’s feelings?  What about the parents’ dilemma?  As parents, we all want our children to live a healthy, care-free, happy life.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if your children have a better control over their attentions?  Imagine all the achievements and chances that they don’t need to miss anymore due to this small but important shift in their lives!  The result is unlimited!  During this seminar, Dr. Aaron will explain how Chiropractic care could help anyone’s life that is affected by ADD, ADHD, or Hyperactivity.  Maybe your child suffers from this condition, maybe they don’t, but you may know someone – a family member, a neighbor, a friend – whose child suffers from this situation.  Let them know, as you may be the only person who knows about this opportunity to alter their lives.

Fourth Tuesdays: Bedwetting & Colic
If you’re a parent whose child has colic, you already knew how frustrating it can be for you.  No matter what you do, you can’t seem to be able to alleviate their discomfort.  Every parent has the instinct to protect their children, and when it is not achieved, you may even begin to question your own ability.  We understand your feelings, and so we put together this seminar, intending to offer comfort and hope for you – Chiropractic care helps the child’s nervous system and body to function better.  Imagine how happy your children would be after several visits, when their bodies start to function more properly, and this alone is a tremendous accomplishment for you, as the parent, to have been able to comfort your children.
Bedwetting is a topic that is uncomfortable and may even be embarrassing for most people to discuss.  Some people assume that this problem will stop as a child gets older, but in many cases, it doesn’t.  Many fun events in life would be missed out on: sleepovers, overnight camping trip change in your child’s, grandchildren, or loved one’s child’s life. Not having this problem would allow them to participate in all the wonderful activities that children enjoy everyday. 

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